Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml


Application: injectable

Dosage: 250mg/ml

Packing: 1 vial


Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml is a complex ester of the primary male hormone. Is the steroid for long periods. Depending on the physiological characteristics of the particular organism, the period of activity of the substance is 2 to 3 weeks. The half-life time, respectively, 6-7 days. To maintain the concentration of the hormone at a high level, it is recommended to make injections at least once a week. Anabolic and androgenic activity of the steroid – 100% of testosterone, the impact on the axis hypothalamus-pituitary-testes – expressed, the level of conversion to estrogen is high. Testosterone Enanthate is not toxic to the liver, detected in a doping control for 3 months after injection.

Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml
Effects from taking

Increase power performance.
The increase in muscle mass. Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml is incredibly popular in bodibildinge. Along with the increase in strength and mass, it provides a pump. Rapid muscle hypertrophy due to the high androgenic activity of the drug. Upon completion of the course most often there is the phenomenon of recoil.
Strengthening ligaments and joints.
Stimulates production of synovial fluid.
Strengthening regenerative processes.
Raising the General tone, mood elevation, increased motivation.
The increase in the number of red blood cells (improving stamina).
How to take

Course Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml it is recommended that athletes interested in a significant increase in muscle mass along with increased power performance. The dosage of the steroid varies from 250 to 500 milligrams a week. But athletes and law enforcement officers often increase it. Injection frequency – 1-2 times a week. The course lasts 8 to 10 weeks followed by PCT. To prevent the development of adverse reactions, with 2-3 weeks it is recommended to take Proviron or aromatase inhibitors; reception ends a week after discontinuation of the steroid.

For more information about the reception of steroid and its side effects you can see in the subject Testosterone enanthate.

Reviews Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml

Reviews Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml often leave feedback about the Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml the as steroid, effective on combined courses. Experienced athletes recommend to combine it with the Anadrol, Trenbolone, Nandrolone and Methandrostenolone. Thus it is necessary to use antiestrogens and gonadotrophin.

Negative reviews about Testole Depot (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml, 250mg/ml is associated with significant recoil phenomenon. Almost no one can keep up the weight at the end of the course. With regard to the tolerability of the injections, this aspect no complaints. But sometimes users complain of side effects such as swelling, gynecomastia and fat deposits.