StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml


Application: injectable

Dosage: 50mg/ml

Packing: 1 vial

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StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml – steroid anabolic and androgenic impact from a German pharmaceutical company. Release form – tablets of 10 milligram, 100 pieces per pack. The main active substance is stanozolol. This steroid, like many others, was developed for use on animals and originally served to increase the speed-power performance horses. And when it was revealed that a derivative of dihydrotestosterone equally effective and against people (which played a significant role, approval from the FDA is an American Agency for the control of medicines and food additives) that stanozolol has become stronger and in the sports market. Tablets the drug is not destroyed during passage through the liver (the presence of alkyl groups at positions alpha 17), is moderately toxic to the liver (which is true, the impact of oral and injectable forms are absolutely identical) and does not inhibit the progestogenic activity. The steroid is considered one of the safest pharmacological means, and therefore often used by women in small dosages.

StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml
Androgenic activity, stanozolol is low, and 30% of the testosterone, anabolic – 320%. The drug is not susceptible to conversion into estrogens, has been running for 8 hours. Detection time for doping control – up to 360 days. The use of StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml competing athletes is possible only with the skillful use of masking agents.

Effects from taking

Effects from taking StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml muscle definition and hardness of muscles without significant increase in muscle mass. This is the main feature of the steroid, which makes it an unique and widely used in bodybuilding courses of “drying” and in the types of endurance sports where athletes are interested in improving physiological parameters of the body without weight gain.
Increase power performance.
Strengthening the actions of other anabolic and androgenic steroids. As shown by studies, stanozolol has the ability to reduce the amount of sex hormone binding globulin.
Antiprogestogens and anti-estrogenic effects (without extensive evidence).
The removal of fatty tissue and accumulated fluid.
Strengthening the appetite.
How to take Stanozolol

The course StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml suggests a dosage of 20 to 50 milligrams daily for 5-8 weeks. For athletes, wrestlers, skiers, wrestlers will be enough and 10 milligrams. Delaying can lead to an excessive burden on the liver. After the course stanozolol recommended PT. Reception of sports nutrition maximizes the effect. Course of this steroid is not recommended in the presence of any contraindications. Prior to using any AAS must undergo a full examination and consult with a specialist.

As for how to take StanoJect (Stanozolol) 10ml, 50mg/ml in combination with other steroids, it is a good Supplement to gain muscle mass are a strong androgenic drugs like Testosterone, Anadrol or Methandrostenolone. Typically, these courses get the most balanced. FCT is a Nolvadex or Clomid. “Drying” is an effective combination of Stanozolol with Trenbolone (non-aromatizing androgen).