Oxandrolone 10mg


Application: oral

Strength: 10mg

Packing: 100 tablets

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Oxandrolone 10mg is a steroid drug with a high anabolic activity (400% of endogenous testosterone) and low androgenic activity (25% of endogenous testosterone) that are conducive to building lean and hard muscles, strength gains and other improvements which are significant to the athlete. In addition to the anabolic capacity and a variety of positive effects, this drug is also notable for the almost complete absence of possible side effects: estrogenic activity is not peculiar, as progestogenic, androgenic side effects (greasy skin, acne acne, excessive hair growth on the face and body, etc.) almost never occur.

The main area where there is described a steroid remedy is the practice of sports: athletes in heavy and light athletics, bodybuilding, and other popular disciplines Oxandrolone 10mg are used to improve the muscle definition and hardness muscles, burn fat, increase strength, increase synthesis of growth hormone and other purposes. It could be useful within medicine, for example, in the treatment and therapy of disorders/diseases accompanied by a heavy loss of muscle mass.

The description of the drug Oxandrolone 10mg

Active substance in the basis of the described drug is the steroid Oxandrolone, first synthesised in the mid-20th century, the pharmaceutical company Searle Laboratories (in the drugs market of the US, he enrolled in 1964, under the trademark Anavar). Structurally it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with high anabolic power and relative harmlessness, in which the second atom of C (carbon) atom is replaced by O (oxygen), and also produced by methylation in the seventeenth position.

Note that the reality, which is active substance of Oxandrolone 10mg, originally used exclusively in medicine. He was appointed in disorders accompanied by enhanced loss of muscle mass, as well as during the treatment of HIV/AIDS (subsequently was approved by the FDA as orany the drug to treat HIV-induced weight loss, treatment of Turner syndrome, alcoholic hepatitis, and several other deviations).

In our days Oxandrolone 10 from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical and its analogues on the basis of the same active substance is mainly effective sporting facilities, showing multiple useful for the athlete effects and action.

• Increased hardness and adherence of the muscles;

• Development of strength athlete;

• Noticeable fat burning effects;

• Increased synthesis of growth hormone (somatropin).

Important: for sports to pursue the use of Oxandrolone 10 is not only men but also women. That’s just athletes it is recommended to use only a small in comparison with athletes dosage. The recommended dose for women – 10-20 mg per day for 6-8 weeks in turn for men 20-80 mg / day for 6-10 weeks (because the risk of side effects, including the occurrence of virilization, small, girls are used to increase dosage).

In General, the side effects of this great reality is almost never like that. Though he is an alpha-17-alkilirovanny steroid toxicity to the liver he is weak, androgenic side effects due to taking it is almost not occur, and estrogen do not occur at all. Progestogenic activity is absent as well. However, some side effects of Oxandrolone 10mg can be, in particular due to its application about yourself can give you headaches, increased pressure, decreased appetite and libido (with the steroid dosage 80 mg a day and higher).