Naposim (Dianabol/Methandianone) 5mg


Application: oral

Dosage: 5mg

Packing: 20 tablets

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Naposim (Dianabol/Methandianone) 5mg

Naposim (Dianabol/Methandianone) 5mg quite a powerful steroid that gives significant increase of body weight due to accumulation of water in the body and increase muscular strength. Methandrostenolone is quite strongly flavoured, so that when it is received it is necessary to take aromatase inhibitors to control the performance of Estradiol, which in turn will allow to avoid excessive water retention in the body.

Naposim (Dianabol/Methandianone) 5mg prekrasno combined with almost all AAS – testoterone, nandrolone, trenbolone etc.

Naposim (Dianabol/Methandianone) 5mg is toxic to the liver drug, so when it is used it is necessary to take choleretic drugs to avoid stagnation of bile.

Release form

Packing 20 tablets x 5 mg


Effective dosage is 0.3-0.4 mg per kg of body weight of the athlete. In cases where in combination with other speakers of this dozirovka can be reduced by 20-30%