KLEN 60 (Clenbuterol) 60 mcg


Application: oral

Dosage: 60 mcg

Packing: 100 tab

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The drug clenbuterol for weight loss and drying

KLEN 60 (Clenbuterol) 60 mcg is a drug that is used in medicine for the treatment of asthma. In recent years, clenbuterol has been widely used in bodybuilding and fitness in connection with its ability to burn fat, so often used by athletes for weight loss and drying. KLEN 60 (Clenbuterol) 60 mcgcourses often include thyroxine and ketotifen to accelerate the process of weight loss. KLEN 60 (Clenbuterol) 60 mcg has nothing to do with anabolic steroids and belongs to the group of agonists that exert their physiological effect due to excitation of beta-2-adrenergic receptors, resulting in activates the sympathetic nervous system and starts lipolysis. To purchase the drug need a prescription, but most pharmacies do not ask it. Several scientific articles have reported frequent abuse of clenbuterol inclusion in the composition of sports supplements for fat burning. Source.

Effects of clenbuterol

  • Fat burning and muscles drying
  • Temperature rise
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mental activation
  • Anti-catabolic action
  • Anabolic effect (weak)

Low incidence of side effects, the almost complete absence of harm to health (practice shows that the irreversible side effects almost completely absent) and a wide range of positive effects of clenbuterol are doing one of the best fat burners in bodybuilding.

Anabolic and anticatabolic effect of KLEN 60 (Clenbuterol) 60 mcg

The action of clenbuterol on beta-2-adrenergic presynaptic membrane increases the secretion of noradrenaline and adrenaline, which have potent fat-burning effect. Clenbuterol increases the basal metabolic rate by 20-30% from baseline.

KLEN 60 (Clenbuterol) 60 mcg inhibits the activity of lipoprotein lipase, resulting in deposition of fat in adipose tissue becomes impossible. Acting on beta-2 adrenergic receptors of the Central nervous system, this drug increases the secretion of thyroid hormones – natural fat burners of the body.

A unique feature of clenbuterol is that it is not only a powerful fat burner, but also has a strong anti-catabolic effect, protecting muscles from damage, which is very important during weight loss and drying in bodybuilding. In studies it was found that anti-catabolic effect of the drug is caused by blocking of Ca++ dependent and ubiquitin-proteasomal proteolysis.

A new study in 2012 (Francesca Wannenes, Loretta Magni) confirms the ability of clenbuterol to block the mechanisms of muscle atrophy.

Due to the above mechanisms, the drug has a mild anabolic effect, as proven in animal experiments and practical application in bodybuilding. Some authors (Yuri More) claim that large doses of clenbuterol can have catabolic effects, but this statement is not true. For this there is no physiological or practical justification.

Given the fact that the drug doesn’t interact with beta-1-adrenergic receptors occurs bronchodilation and relief in breathing and a much smaller incidence of side effects from the cardiovascular system, compared with nonselective agonists such as ephedrine.