GenLei Jintropin AQ 30iu (300IU/kit)


Application: injectable

Dosage: 300IU/kit

Packing: 1 kit

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GenLei Jintropin AQ 30iu (300IU/kit) is very popular among bodybuilders as it has a number of positive qualities, such which do not have any other drug. Here are some of them: Rejuvenating effect, burning fat, strengthening immunity, improving the quality of the skin, accelerating the healing process of injuries.

But the main reason why bodybuilders spend a lot of money on growth Hormone – this fat burning effects and the possibility of gaining quality muscle mass during your course. Dosages start from 3 units and above, it all depends on your financial possibilities.

Again, it is not recommended to use too large of a dosage of GR, since its acceptance is the growth and malignant tumors. Before use, be sure is get tested.