Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg


Application: oral

Dosage: 5mg

Packing: 400 tablets

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Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg is a hormonal drug, is common in high speed sports and sports where force is required, and preferably without a strong increase in mass. In such sports it is one of the main used drugs.

Anabolic activity Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg is three times higher Testosterone
The androgenic activity of Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg is 3 times lower than Testosterone

Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and therefore practically does not aromatize. The main area of use of Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg in bodybuilding is training to compete. As you know during this period the athlete Buy Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg, description, side effects, proper use, rate, price, tsiveriotis get rid of excess fat and functions Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg are, with low-calorie diet preserve lean muscle mass from destruction due to lack of calories, reduction of fluids in the body, increased vascularity, enhance the action of other drugs and in combination give the muscles an excellent hardness and adherence. If you are a professional bodybuilder and your weight is on the weight up to 90 kg, and you just want to get rid of excess weight, while maintaining the most muscle mass, in most cases, you will have enough and Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg solo in a dosage of 50 mg daily in any form, depending on the financial means and desire to put injections every day. Meant for good beach shape. But for the level of competition certainly one Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg is not enough, because of the very low calorie diet, plus medication accelerating the metabolism, like thyroid hormones, your muscle mass will decrease. You will need to use the more androgenic steroids like Trenbolone, Masteron, Testosterone Propionate. Dosage at acting athletes in this stage are very widely differ, and they can do without my advice.

It is possible to apply Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg and muscle mass. Beginners will see good results and receive Stanos (Stanozolol) solo, of course with intensive training on the course, good nutrition and rest. About the number of lbs. is uncertain because it all depends on the diet and, accordingly, the quality of those recruited kg is possible without Stanos (Stanozolol) freely to gain 10 kg of fat in a couple of months. This you will easy learn the lazy office workers, and not a sports website. Stanos (Stanozolol) is not conducive to the accumulation of fluid in the body, and markedly increases the strength of the athlete. Quality muscle mass recruited in the course Stanos (Stanozolol) is almost fully preserved. For more significant increase in muscle mass, and not the first time athletes using steroids, one Stanos (Stanozolol) can not do. You need to add the Nandrolone Decanoate, any testosterones, Sustanon, Oxymetholon. Beginners of course it is better to forget about Stanos (Stanozolol) Sustanon or Oxymetholone, and the use of low androgen steroids such as Primobolan, Nandrolone Decanoate, Boldenone. Such combinations, though it will be less powerful but after completing the course, save a lot best results, the course will be as safe in terms of side effects, and more powerful combination will leave the next courses.

Stanos (Stanozolol) is an anabolic with a low androgenic effect and is well suited to girls. The increase of androgens in the blood of athletes at the recommended dosages is normal and does not lead to the phenomena of virilization. Athletes use 20 mg. Azolol (Stanozolol) 5mg per day.